Created for ITCH.IO NES Game Jam.


You are a lost soul, searching for a way back home. You have to travel through the realm known as the "in between", to find "cores" which will allow you to return to the human world. To be Revived. 

Message From Me! 

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this small project I made! Created for the NES Game Jam, I spent 4 days creating this from scratch using Unity. It's rough around the edges and there are a couple bugs in here but I believe I was able to capture the feel of a classic NES game! 


Created in the spirit of an actual NES Controller. 

Space Bar = Button A 

Z = Button B 

WASD = Pad Buttons 

Return = Start Button


Spritework Tiles by:

Character/Enemy Sprite and Audio Track by Jonathan So

Sound Effects:


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GMAE ? :/

yes dis a gmae

I loved the game! Keep it up

Can you expand the game?